Where Is the Venue 

The conference venue, The Mantra Chatswood, is in close proximity to Sydney City, only 18 minutes  by train from Central Station, which has a direct line to the domestic and international airports. It is a 5 min, walk from Chatswood Station or the bus terminal


Parking Facilities 

You can organise parking at the Mantra. There is also a parking station opposite.


Early November is spring time in Sydney and the temperature is usually around 20-23 degrees. The nights are cool.

Entry by Ticket Only 

No tickets will be issued at the venue. All tickets to be purchased prior to coming to the conference through the conference website.

Dress Code 

Casual, relaxed and comfortable. Remember to bring a vest or scarf as the air condition may be cool to keep you alert!

How do I Pay for Accommodation

Delegates need to pay directly to the venue they select.

What Food is Included

A very generous morning and afternoon tea and delicious lunch on both days.

Is There a Delegate List

All delegates  and presenters who wish to continue networking will have the opportunity to put their names and contacts on the delegates’ lists which will be emailed after the conference

As a Speaker, Anything I Need to Know

Speakers/ workshop leaders are our guests to the whole conference, including the celebration gathering on Friday evening and the excursion day on the Monday

Are the Keynote Speakers Recorded

The keynote speakers presentations will be recorded.

Is WiFi Available 

The venue has WiFi facilities

What Happens if I Cannot Come after I Purchase a Ticket

Registrations are not refundable but are transferable to another attendee without penalty.


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