Presenters LineUp 

Our conference team has put together a world class line up of Presenters who will challenge, excite and engage. 

We have a mix of keynote speeches and world class workshops over the two day event, which means there will be something for everyone as well. 


Workshops Information


Martine Negro

Conference Committee Chairperson



Raymon Grace, founder and president of Raymon Grace Foundation,  is a  dowser, lecturer  and author of  3 books, “The Future is Yours—Do Something About It”, “Techniques That Work For Me” and “Seasons of April.” He has created over 40 DVDs sharing information learned over the past 40 years. His books have  been printed in English, Italian and Chinese. His work is being used in several countries for improving water and other areas of self improvement. His videos  reached people in 142 countries.  He has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows including the well know “Coast to Coast Am Radio.” He has been recognised by the Virginia Senate for his work.
He is a down to earth plain spoken person who tells it as he sees it. His dress clothes are jeans and cowboy boots and he doesn’t own a suit and tie. He’s real.






Ren Elliot

Ren Ellett is a retired dairy farmer, horticulturist, beekeeper and saw-miller, who stumbled upon dowsing about 30 years ago. Looking for answers for soil and animal health and ultimately our own health, have led him to investigate minerals, vitamins and the influence and application of energies from many sources.

The construction and use of the Atlantean Power Rod moved Ren into the field of Radiethsia which gives the practitioner the ability to heal, remove parasites administer minerals, and much more, from a distance.

A course in ‘Spiritual Response Therapy’ (S.R.T.) with the late Robert Detzler, added the spiritual aspect and greatly enhanced to all of what he was already doing.

Ren has been President of The New Zealand Society of Dowsing for fifteen years and has conducted workshops on most of what he practices with the rod and pendulum.


Ren Elliot

Grahame Gardner

Grahame has been dowsing professionally since 2001 and specialises mostly in geopathic stress work and electromagnetic surveying of properties, a field now popularly known as ‘building biology’; although he also does water divining and (occasionally) dowsing for missing objects. He is a Professional Member and Registered Tutor of the British Society of Dowsers, became a Trustee and Council member of the Society in 2003 and served two terms as President from 2008 – 2014. On retiring as President, he was awarded the BSD Award and an honorary Life Membership for his services to Dowsing and the Society. He hosts a popular dowsing podcast called “ Adventures in Dowsing ,” created and moderated the British Society of Dowsers’ forum. His first book ‘Dowsing Magic’ was published in 2012 by Penwith Press,  his second book ‘ A Basic Guide to Technopathic Stress‘ & his latest book ‘Dowsing with Sigils ‘ was self-published in 2018. 

Grahame Gardner

Alanna Moore 

Alanna Moore was born in Sydney in 1957. She discovered dowsing in the late 1970’s when living in London, joined the British Society of Dowsers and has been dowsing professionally since the early 1980s. She specialises in geomantic assessments of land for subtle energies and nature spirits; energetic building-biology surveys for healthy homes; permaculture gardening applications; and also teaching these subjects. In 1984 she was one of the founders of the NSW Dowsing Society Inc.  

Alanna continues to share her knowledge and enthusiasm for dowsing and related subjects in 8 books, over 70 online Geomantica magazines, plus several series of documentary style films that she has produced. She now lives in Ireland and teaches mostly across Europe. To present at this conference, this will be one of her now-rare visits to Sydney. 




Alanna Moore 


Owen Chow  

Owen is a multi-disciplinary engineer geo-biologist and businessman. He loves to share his knowledge in holistic health with everybody. He also has been taking courses in TCM, chiropractic, preventive medicine , geobiology, meditation, yoga etc.

He has acted as advisor for many European companies such as Siemens, VA TECH, Fiskas, Veritas to help them enter Asian markets. He has a practical pragmatic hands-on approach.

He is a regular presenter at industry and association seminars and workshops.

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Barry Eaton 

Barry has wide international experience in all areas of the media and entertainment industries. He is a highly experienced radio and TV presenter.

As a writer he has scripted and narrated many documentary films and corporate presentations and written numerous feature stories for magazines and newspapers on everything from astrology to travel.

His first book ‘Afterlife – Uncovering the Secrets of Life After Death’, tracing the journey of the spirit in between incarnations, was published in 2011 and is now an international best seller.

Find Out more on Barry’s Workshop 


Anthony Gribble 

He has been described as an “anthropologist” but Anthony’s tongue in cheek response is that he “doesn’t apologise for anything”

From 1992 Anthony Gribble had spent the better part of 20 years living, and working, in remote parts of the Central Desert of Australia. What started out as a 4 weeks residency at the town of Yulara, near Uluru, turned into a ten year journey of extraordinary physical and spiritual experiences. Anthony formed lifelong friendships with the Pitjantatjara people who generously shared knowledge of their language and culture and Anthony still refers to this as a rare privilege.

Anthony also lived in Alice Springs for 9 years and interacted with Pintupi. Arrente, and Walpiri people of the Northern Territory and Western Australia. His knowledge of the art history from these regions is extensive. 

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