World Class Workshops 

The purpose of the ‘Atlantean Power Rod’ is to magnify your thought pattern. I will share
with you the many different ways my ‘power rods’ come into action. From hastening the
mending of broken bones; applying fertiliser to the farm; removing negative influences in
other people’s lives, be they down the road or at the other end of the globe and so much

Atlantean Power Rod 

Ren Ellett

When any plastic , iron or water containing objects are placed in a low energy point formed by the earth radiation, that point will expand up to 20 times thus covering easily the whole house or apartment. This spreading of low energy will hurt the body of the residents. This seminar tells you how to find those points, how to avoid the spreading of low energy and some possible solutions of removal of these points so that your family will remain healthy

Plastic Radiation 

Owen Chow

the workshop will be based around Barry’s new book “Past Lives Unveiled” ( Which is being released in May 2019). It will include a past life regression for those who attend, as well as feedback and healthy discussion about reincarnation from his extensive research.
 He will demonstrate how he uses dowsing in his research, writing and communicating with those on the other side.

The Life Changing experience of Exploring Past Lives 

Barry Eaton

This workshop explores the geomantic methodologies involved
in the creation of sacred space. Whether your space is a stone circle,
labyrinth, cathedral, or just a circle on your living room floor, there
are common principles involved in their construction. Using plenty
of examples from his own casebook, Grahame will explain the seven
key concepts involved in designing, building and activating a sacred
space, and will also teach you how to create a ‘virtual’ space within
yourself that you can use for safe working when away from home.

The Art of Temple creation 

Grahame Gardner